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Ready Tied Traces

Savge Gear Black7 Trace 40cm 55lb 25kg


Ultra-strong, seven-strand stainless steel wire, coated with a strong black copolymer, for superb abrasion resistance.

Fox Rage Surefit™ 1 x 19 Strand Leaders - 30cm/5kg


For the angler that wants to start fishing straight away we offer a new range of leaders from light lure fishing up to bigger baits for large predators.

Westin Titanium Leaders 1pcs


This leader offers anglers impressive strength and a high breaking strain to cope with big predator species

Savage Gear RAW49 Uncoated Trace 20cm 15.5lb 3pcs


Ultra-fine and soft, uncoated carbon steel wire, twined at each end for finesse presentation of small hard and soft lures

Fox Rage Treble Trace Size 4


Our Twin Treble Trace has been designed to fish both dead and livebaits.

Pike Pro, Pro Traces


Have you ever wished you were able to change the hooks on your trace, or add a Bait Popper easily?

AFW Titanium Surfstrand Leaders 1 x 7 Multi Strand 12" 1pcs


AFW’s new super-elastic Titanium Leaders stretch to absorb the strike of a fish

Fox Rage Surefit 7 Strand Titanium Leaders


Super strong and super reliable

Fox Rage Surefit 49 Strand Leaders


Essential for predator fishing ensuring your lures are not bitten off by toothy predators

Fox Rage Heli Rotary Uptrace 60cm 49 Strand


A purpose built helicopter uptrace. Manufactured by the best Fox components.

E-Sox - Spin Trace 35cm 28lb


With an easy-to-use swivel snap link, this trace is ideal for spinners, small spoons and also for smaller plugs and jigs.

E-Sox - Revolver Spin Trace


The E-Sox Revolver Spin Trace is 35cm (14”) and ideal for lighter lure fishing for pike, zander and perch.