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Ready Tied Rigs

Korda Loop Rigs Klor


Designed to be used in conjunction with the pre - tied Booms

ESP Trig Hammer Ronnie Rig


The 'best ronnie hook' is now available ready tied and ready to use straight from ESP.

Korda Spinner Rig Krank 5.5 Boom


Korda have provided us with a range of ready tied spinner rigs incorporating the awesome Krank hooks

ESP Ready Tied Combi Rigs


Made from the best components to a standard the even Terry Hearn himself would cast out and available to use straight away without the hassle of tying your own rigs!

Korda Spinner Hook Sections


The Spinner/Ronnie rig hook sections are already put together here for you and they are available in 2 hook pattern in a barbed or barbless variety as well.

Korda Wide Gape Loop Rigs


Just like the Krank loop rigs however either constructed from a Wide Gape X or a Wide Gape B the combi rig has never been easier.

Korda Krank Loop Rigs


All you need is the Boom sections to add to this and you are good to go. A very neat and easy way to assemble a combi rig.

Korda Loop Boom Sections


The combi rig has made a come back in recent years and with the help of these boom sections its never been easier to assemble one, gone are the days of fiddly knots, get on the korda loops and booms.

Gardner - Ronnie Rig


These Ronnie Rigs use our exquisitely sharp size 4 and size 6 Covert Dark Mugga hooks attached to the new dedicated XT Flexi-Ring Kwik Lok Swivel. Essentially, the combination of the Mugga hook’s in-turned eye, swept shank and amazing razor sharp point is particularly effective in getting the most out of these rigs, as it creates a fast and aggressive reacting hooking mechanism that takes a firm hook hold. Each end section features a mat finished sliding Covert Hook Swivel, held in position with a Covert Hook Stop.

ESP - Ronnie Rigs


With smooth 360-degree rotation, ESP Ronnie Rigs provide optimum hooking potential and perfect pop-up presentation. The Rig incorporates non-slip Grip Stop, Hook Ring Swivel and Quick Change Uni-Link plus the all-important Cryogen Curve Shanx hook. Cryogenic tempering produces super strong hooks with more durable, long-life points.

Korda QC Ready Tied Booms


The Spinner rig is one of the most popular and effective carp-catching presentations around at the moment, but tying them from scratch can be time consuming, not to mention daunting if you have never attempted it before.

Korda - Solidz PVA Bag Rigs


These rigs come tied using the highly popular and very versatile Wide Gape hook pattern and 18lb Supernatural braid in weedy green pattern, and at 4.5 inches in length are the perfect choice for PVA bag fishing.