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PVA, Mesh & Accessories

Nash Webcast Ultra Weave PVA


The unique Webcast Ultra Weave uses additional PVA fibres to reduce the weave to 0.2mm to prevent bags breaking down in deep water or summer conditions before they hit bottom.

One More Cast Chopstix PVA Refills


Made with the highest quality taste & residue free PVA

One More Cast Chopstix Full PVA System


The CHOPSTIX innovative 2 in 1 PVA Mesh system not only offers you the ability to make a standard PVA Mesh Bag or Stick but now with the unique removable Cutting Grid & Lid you are able to quickly Chop multiple Boilies, Luncheon Meat, Tiger Nuts etc into your PVA Bag before adding other groundbait, pellets and/or smaller food items.

Castaway Slow Melt PVA String 25m


Perfect for boilie stringers and necklaces, it’s also great for tying off your pva bags nice and tight with no fuss or residue.

Korda Solidz Slow Melt PVA Bags


The Korda Solidz Slow Melt PVA Bags have been introduced to Korda's Solidz PVA bag range

FOX Edges PVA Strips


Designed for use when using drop-off heli rigs or drop-off run rigs.

Ridgemonkey Disperse PVA Mesh Systems


Developed for fast efficient use of PVA

Gardner PVA Booms Long 300mm


Developed as a fool proof means to completely alleviate tangles

Gardner PVA Tape 16mm, 20m


Excellent for tying stringers or tying off solid bags

One More Cast Fade PVA Bags


Excellent composition and strength

One More Cast FADE PVA Tape


Perfect for tying off PVA bags

Trakker Fused PVA Bag Drop Off Peg


Drop those leads quickly and efficiently, great for weedy situations