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Proper Carp Baits

Proper Carp Baits Pellet 6mm 900g


New to the Proper Carp Baits range are these 6mm 900gm bags of flavoured pellet.

Proper Carp Baits Bulk Liquid 1000ml


Made using the same highly attractive ingredients as included in their dip, this highly soluble multi purpose bulk liquid has a multitude of uses.

Proper Carp Baits Shottsuru Liquid 500ml


Dark brown in colour this fermented fish liquid can be used in many ways

Proper Carp Baits Chilli Oil 500ml


Super attractive spicy oil, set to pump out attraction for hours

Proper Carp Baits Gold Seal Winter Session Pack


A fantastic product to keep in the back of your car so you are ready at the drop of a hat

Proper Carp Baits Prepared Particles


Preserved in natural Himalayan rock salt, they really are the highest quality particles oosing natural attraction.

Proper Carp Baits Corn Kernels


There are 3 flavours avliable in the range, Blackcurrant in White, Sweetcorn in Yellow and Maple in Orange. These are perfect for fishing with hookbait toppers or even when fishing waters that have bans on plastics.

Proper Carp Baits Hot Squid Hook Bait Dip


This liquid absolutely stinks!!! And it is so attractive for the carp it has been catching them up and down the country since its release.

Proper Carp Baits Hot Squid 15mm Wafters


If you like to fish bottoms baits but like a critically balanced hook bait then look no further than the Hot Squid Wafters.

Proper Carp Baits Hot Squid Hard Hook Baits


These hard hookbaits are perfect for venues where there maybe a few nuisance species, fishing on the river or if you want a a hook bait you know isn't going to come off.

Proper Carp Baits Hot Squid Pop Ups


The Hot Squid Pop Ups have been designed to match the hatch perfectly so if you like to chod fish in the spring or you like a hinge rig out in the pond these pop ups are perfect for fishing over the Hot Squid bait.

Proper Carp Baits Hot Squid 5kg Shelf Life


A very exciting new bait on the market from Proper Carp Baits, developed over the course of just under two years by Sean Leverett and Jon McAllister who are no strangers to producing good bait, this has been catching big carp up and down the country since the testing phases!