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Prologic Blackfire Kettle 2 Cup 0.9l

With our stylish and practical Blackfire carp kettles, keeping yourself fuelled up with tea, coffee or other hot liquids is easy and enjoyable on any length of fishing session.
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Manufacturer: Prologic

Built using oversized and robust aluminium, the Blackfire retains heat for much longer than traditional kettles. It’s also one of the most efficient and fast-boiling kettles on the market thanks to our innovative heat saver system. The non-stick finish not only looks the part but reduces the build-up of unwanted scale on the inside and is super easy to clean. The wrapped, folding handle with classy custom grip makes handling the kettle safe and easy, while it can also be folded down when not in use. There are two sizes available (0.9ltr and 1.5ltr) so you can cater for just yourself or you and some fishing buddies – there’ll always be enough to go around. Afterall, what’s carp fishing without a good brew?