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Distance Sticks & Prodding Sticks

Nash Spot On Stix


Spot On Stix keep your rig landing over baited areas or on feeding hotspots every time

Nash Boat Life Prodding Stick


Allowing the most accurate interpretation of the lake bed to quickly locate feeding areas

Korda Basix Distance Sticks


High quality robust design, made affordable to anglers on a low budget without sacrificing durability

Cygnet Distance Sticks XL


Gone are the days of walking your lines out to get your rigs on the spot, and if you still do this then get yourself a set of distance sticks it will change the game for you, trust me!

Avid Carp - Lok Down Storm Poles


The Cam works unlike any other on the market by applying pressure to the entire inner surface. The Lok Down Cam also has an internal rubber collar which increases grip strength when the Cam is locked down.

Avid Carp - Overnighter Yard Sticks


A lightweight, compact version of our popular Yard Stick design, featuring glow-in-the-dark tops and a stealthy black finish. The sticks are supplied with a 12ft cord so you can set them up quickly and easily on the bank. The cord has three coloured toggle stops that give you the option to mark three different spots. The Yard Sticks have a unique curve at the top that ensures the line comes off in an easy controlled manner. Perfect for overnighters.

Avid Carp - Screw Point Yard Sticks


These yard sticks have a screw point base which makes it very easy to push them in to the ground, especially in summer when the ground is hard. They have glow in the dark tops too so you're able to set your distances out in the middle of the night.

Gardner - Wrappers (Pair of Measuring Sticks)


Made for accuracy these 'wrappers' are every anglers must have if they want consistency, smooth, thin and perfect to just chuck in your bag.

ESP - Wrap Sticks


Made in ESP’s own Oxford factory to exacting standards using high-grade 8mm diameter stainless steel, the pair of 46cm long wrap sticks are accompanied by three short ‘spot markers’ for precise distance mapping and help the angler to get the rod clipped up on the exact spot each cast. Each of the spot markers is numerically engraved to indicate rod 1, 2 & 3.

Korda - Distance Sticks


These distance sticks make fishing accurately child’s play. Rather than simply produce a me-too product, we decided to produce the best sticks that we could. That meant teaming up with JAG Products, who engineer to the highest standards we could find!Each stick is a thing of beauty, with special grooves to prevent the line from spilling off, causing the dreaded bird’s nest.They also come supplied with a T-Bar, which can be used to drive the specially designed point into even the hardest of ground.Integrated spirit levels in the top of each stick allow for perfect positioning, and pop out to reveal a cavity, which accepts an isotope to allow you to wrap-up, even at night!