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Preston Innovations

Preston Innovations Shot / Stotz Pliers


Designed to be used with both Shot & Stotz

Preston Innovations Stopz Pellet Waggler Kits


A complete kit to make pellet waggler fishing extremely easy.

Preston Innovations Worm Scissors


A razor-sharp double-bladed set of scissors designed to cut through worms with ease!

Preston Innovations ICS In-Line 360 Beads


Offers full 360 degree range of movement for the hookbait

Preston Innovations 4mm Riddle


Designed to fit straight onto the Preston and Sonubaits 18l Buckets

Preston 2pt Bait Strainer


Designed to fit directly into 2- & 3-pint bait tubs, this strainer is ideal for draining excess liquid from baits such as pellets, corn and casters.

Preston 1pt Sieve


Designed specifically to drain excess liquid from any bait, this sieve fits directly into the 1-pint bait tub.

Preston 3pt Ventamesh Tub


The perfect solution for storing live baits such as maggots

Preston Innovations Bait Tubs


A range of bait tubs designed to house all baits.

Preston Innovations Pole Safe Double Sock


Designed to house multiple pole sections, the Pole Safe Double Sock features two compact socks which can accommodate multiple pole sections

Preston Innovations Offbox Triple Clicker Counter


A must have item of tackle for any match angler to keep track of either the number of fish or their overall weight. This is essential especially on venues where net limits are enforced.

Preston Innovations F1 Fine Pole Rigs


Constructed from the very finest components and based on rigs tied by our own consultants, the Des Shipp Slim’s pole float rigs are perfect for use on all commercial fisheries.