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Pop Ups & Hookbaits

CC MOORE DUO Floater Hookbaits


A mix of light and dark brown hookbaits ideal for presenting over light colored dog biscuits or dark trout pellets

Nash Hookable Floaters


Simple hair riggable Floaters ideal for presenting among the Slicker Floaters

Mainline Bait Quads Bottom Baits


A totally unique concept of hookbait the idea being to create a hookbait the fish find difficult to eject, therefore making your rigs more effective at hooking your chosen quarry

Urban Bait Nutcracker Barrel Wafter


Designed to counteract the weight of your rig perfectly, these critically balanced wafters are ideal for tricking wary carp

Urban Bait Strawberry Nutcracker Barrel Wafters


Critically balanced baits straight out the pot giving you an incredibly reactive presentation

Mainline Bait Quads Pop Up


Square shaped hookbaits giving you a new alternatives than a simply topper, fish two over particle, one for a delicate margin trap or for zigs the possibilities are endless

Nash Scopex Squid Pink Pop Ups 15mm


Improved buoyancy, needle friendly Nash Airballs to match the deadly Scopex Squid boilies.

Urban Bait Fully Loaded Flouro White Pop Ups 15mm


Hi vis hookbaits designed to catch the fishes eye and get inquisitive bites when the dull pop ups just aren't working

Urban Bait Fully Loaded Wafter 15mm


Ideal for critically balanced rigs the Fully Loaded Wafters are designed to catch wary carp by suprise

Urban Bait Fully Loaded Washed Out Pop Ups 15mm


Trick those wary carp with the Fully Loaded Washed Out pop ups, lovely subtle pop ups that look like they have been in the water for awhile, catching them off guard

Sticky Bait Manilla Active Tuff Ones


More than just a hardened hookbait the Active Tuff Ones are covered in a soluble paste exterior that will break down over a period of many hours giving you unrivaled attractive over everyone else

Sticky Baits Manilla Active Wafters


Everyone's winter favorite just got better, highly attractive paste wrapped wafter designed to be sending out heaps of attraction into the water drawing in more and more carp!!