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Pole Elastics

Preston Innovations Slip Dacron Connectors


The Slip Dacron Connectors are available in 4 sizes to suit almost ever size of elastic, from our thinnest solid elastics to our thickest 19 Hollo.

Matrix Silk Elastic


SLIK is the perfect hybrid between solid and hollow elastics

Frenzee Hybrid Stretch Elastic *PAY FOR 4 AND GET A 5TH FREE*


FXT Hybrid Stretch Elastics are a cross between the design properties of hollow and solid elastic

Frenzee Hollow Stretch Elastics *PAY FOR 4 AND GET A 5TH FREE*


FXT Hollow Stretch Elastics are a dual core hollow elastic with high stretch properties

Drennan Power Pull Elastics


Advanced, solid core pole elastic providing better stretch and recovery

Preston Innovations Slip Elastics


Incredibly reliable and pre-treated with Preston's own Slip Lubricant

Preston Innovations Dura Slip Elastic Lubricant 250ml


Perfect for all hollow and slip elastics, just squirt a few sprays on your elastic and it will keep everything running smoothly

Preston Innovations Hollo Elastics


Perfect for a multitude of angling situations whether its on moving water or stillwaters for silvers or carp



Highly durable elastic perfect for fishing venues where you would expect a high catch rate, having been pre coated with slip oil this elastic will stand the test of time whilst others will fail

Guru - Elastic Connector


Dacron style elastic connectors with a rubber bush available in three sizes.