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Pole Accessories

Drennan Puller Beads


These are a new product from Drennan and they are proving to be very very popular among pole anglers!

Guru Pole Pot Paste


Such an easy way to bait up with paste, the Guru paste pot it so easy to use and a must have if you love fishing with paste.

Guru - Rapid Release Pole Cups


The Guru rapid release pole cups come in three different sizes 100ml, 200ml and 300ml.These pole cups come with a rapid release pole adaptor for quick change of the pole cup , this makes it very easy to change the size of the pole cup for different situations during fishing without manually screwing on and off different pole cups. Also the rapid release pole cups come with slots in the cups to stop the vacuum affect causing your bait to stick in the pot when turned over.

Guru - Pole Pot


Guru have designed a range of pole pots, from scratch, to address the shortcomings of their previous designs. The range includes small, medium and large pots. The small ones have special sprinkle lids for quick-and-easy loading. One of the small pots has specially configured holes in it, to allow easy baiting with pellets and other soft baits, and one without holes for use with maggots.

Guru - Pole Pot Sprinkle Lid


These Quick Load Sprinkle Lids Fit onto the Guru Pole Pots and make them perfect for feeding pellets and maggots.