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Pole Accessories

Dinsmores Camo Double Cut Shot


Camouflaged split shot designed to be discreet and unobtrusive as possible

Preston Innovations Hollo Elastics


Perfect for a multitude of angling situations whether its on moving water or stillwaters for silvers or carp



Highly durable elastic perfect for fishing venues where you would expect a high catch rate, having been pre coated with slip oil this elastic will stand the test of time whilst others will fail

Drennan Puller Beads


These are a new product from Drennan and they are proving to be very very popular among pole anglers!

Drennan Bungee Connectors


The perfect connectors for using on hollow pole elastics.

Drennan Pole Float Silicone


Drennan Pole Float Silicone is designed to perfectly house your pole floats meaning you can set the depth perfectly without worry of them slipping.

Drennan Easy Fit Margin Bungee Bushes


There are 3 bushes to chose from so you can make sure that you get the right bush to suit your margin fishing needs.

Drennan Easy Fit Carp Bungee Bushes


There are 5 in the carp range that means you can get the perfect elastic to suit your needs.

Drennan Easy Fit Match Bungee Bushes


There are 3 different types of these bushes in the range to suit all different wants and needs.

Guru Micro Cubes Refill


A perfect alternative to using split shot, the micro cube is so handy when it comes to shotting your floats especially the smallest of floats you don't know bulky shot on the line.

Guru Pole Pot Paste


Such an easy way to bait up with paste, the Guru paste pot it so easy to use and a must have if you love fishing with paste.

Dinsmores Soft Shot Refill


Handy refill tubs of split shot.