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Pike Pro Mini Ledger Booms Red

Available either in black or red these wire ledger stems are great for keeping your braid off the bottom away for any obstructions that may damage your braid
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Manufacturer: Pike Pro

Our team of anglers were constantly asking us to look at leger stems and to create an extra-strong tangle-free version that would stand up to the rigours of long-range fishing using the heavy leads associated with extreme range fishing. Well, we turned the tables on them and asked THEM to give us their preferred design.

So here it is, made from 80lb coated seven-strand wire with an over-sized free-running swivel in the top and a proper cross-lock swivel in the base, this is probably the strongest leger stem available.

To ensure maximum buoyancy we then incorporated one of our 15mm Bait Poppers onto the stem to really keep the line off the bottom, even when the rig has been tightened up. The red colour of the Popper also makes it easier to spot when a fish is ready for the net in low light conditions - cunning stuff!