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Pike Pro Floating Retainer

For short-term retention of big predatory fish, especially pike, floating retainers offer the perfect combination of ease of use, security and robustness.
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Manufacturer: Pike Pro

We have taken a close look at the needs of the pike angler and developed a retainer that has the perfect dimensions for even the biggest pike, and which handily doubles-up as a weigh sling too, reducing fish handling to a minimum.

The extra-strong webbing straps have been angled to reduce stress on the sling and the depth has been reduced to comfortably cradle monster pike. Whilst the full length zip allows pike to be released easily.

A 5m long retaining cord fitted with a locking caribina is supplied to enable the Retainer to be positioned away from the margins, allowing a pike to recover whilst camera and weighing equipment are arranged.

Dimensions – 130cm X 46cm X 40cm