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Pike Pro Crimping Tool

Offering the perfect finish to your traces every time
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Manufacturer: Pike Pro

One of the secrets of making your own traces is using the right tools. The PikePro Crimp Tool has been designed specifically for single-barrel crimps, creating a strong and neat joint with all of the PikePro wire range.

The toothed jaws of the PikePro Crimp Tool create a series of indentations in the crimp when it is compressed that grips the wire inside much more securely than if the whole crimp is compressed.

Extra strong steel construction ensures a perfect finish every time with minimal effort. The non-slip handles make it easy to create a precision joint every time.

Always make sure you are using the right diameter crimp for your wire. The wire should be able to pass through the crimp twice without excessive amounts of space. If the crimp is too big then it might be possible to pass the wire back through the crimp a third time to give a better, more secure fit.

Snug the crimp close to the end of the wire forming a small loop. Do not use excessive pressure, aim for a loop with a smooth curve of around 10mm in size.

Put the crimp into the appropriately-sized jaws on the Crimp Tool.

Firmly compress the crimp using hand pressure.

Remove the crimp from the Crimp Tool and trim the end of the wire with Wire Cutters to produce a neat finish.