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Pike Pro Bait Elastic

Essential for using soft deadbaits such as Sardines, Blueys and Smelt, simply wrap around your bait once mounted on the trace and you will be able to thump them miles
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Manufacturer: Pike Pro

There is nothing worse than missing a take because the treble has detached from the bait during the cast. Equally annoying is having a bait fly off on a particularly hard cast. For soft baits keeping the hooks in position has always been a problem, but this simple product offers a fail-safe solution.

Made from extra tough stretchy fibre, this bait elastic is ideal for attaching deadbaits to the hooks. Just make a few turns around the bait and the hook to gain a much stronger fixing.

Supplied in a handy hi-vis container.

Make a few turns around the shank of each treble hook and the deadbait. No need to tie, just wrap tightly.