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Pike Pro Anti Tangle Booms

Stop those annoying tangles when casting heavy deadbaits with the anti tangle booms from pike pro. Cheap, easy to use and essential to be fishing effectively
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Manufacturer: Pike Pro

Tangles when casting large deadbaits and heavy leads are often caused by the weight catching around the top of the trace. By incorporating a PikePro Anti-Tangle Boom between the trace swivel and the Run Ring a degree of seperation is created that almost eliminates the chances of the lead snagging the trace.

For best results use in conjunction with PikePro Run Rings to create a tangle-free, low-resistance running rig.

After sliding your leger weight or Run Ring up the main line add an Anti-tangle boom. Now tie on your trace and pull the silicone sleeve on the base of the Anti-tangle Boom into the trace swivel to lock it in place.

When casting the Anti-tangle boom pushes the leger weight away from the trace significantly reducing tangles.