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Pike Pro

Pike Pro Floating Retainer


For short-term retention of big predatory fish, especially pike, floating retainers offer the perfect combination of ease of use, security and robustness.

Pike Pro, Pro Traces


Have you ever wished you were able to change the hooks on your trace, or add a Bait Popper easily?

Pike Pro Float Weights


PikePro inline float weights have been precision machined to give an accurate loading for floats

Pike Pro Sling Mat


Finally a mat designed specifically for pike!!! featuring a full length zip which allows you to zip the pike up and transport it to the water without the risk of it slipping out the mat

Pike Pro Crimping Tool


Offering the perfect finish to your traces every time

Pike Pro Long Nose Pliers 11'


Essential for unhooking pike, quickly and effectively

Pike Pro Winterized Oils


Ideal for getting a scent trail into the water and boosting the pulling power of your deadbaits

Pike Pro Crimps


Super strong crimps for constructing wire traces

Pike Pro Balsa Sticks


A fantastic way to create a wafter / popped up deadbait that stays free of weed, giving you optimum presentation of weedy gravel pits

Pike Pro Spare Foam Inserts


Spare foam inserts to be used in conjunction with the deadbait punch kit

Pike Pro Deadbait Punch


Get them deadbaits sitting proud of the weed easily accessible to the pike by adding a small amount of foam

Pike Pro Bait Elastic


Essential for using soft deadbaits such as Sardines, Blueys and Smelt, simply wrap around your bait once mounted on the trace and you will be able to thump them miles