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Pellets & Particles

Mainline Baits ISO Fish Response Pellets 5mm


The Mainline ISO Fish Response Pellets are the latest addition to the Mainline Baits range and is a bait that draws on over thirty years of bait making research, testing and knowledge to bring the modern-day angler the best food-source pellets possible. Allowing you to attract and catch more fish when out on the bank carp fishing using these Mainline Pellets.

Sticky Baits Trouties Pellets 2.5kg


Trouties are a throwback to the late 80s and 90s, where trout pellets boomed! In recent years they have almost been forgotten about, but we had to bring back this legendary bait. Highly regarded as an excellent energy source for carp, packed with protein and oils, Trouties are practically irresistible as they produce a distinct, quite unique competitive feeding response.

Crafty Catcher Peg No.1 Hemp & Corn


Handy tin with the every fishes favorite bait combo.

Dynamite Baits Garlic Frenzied Hempseed


The Garlic Frenzied Hempseed from Dynamite Baits is quality hemp. This hemp contains large sized seeds and these have a garlic scent/flavor. The hemp contains no preservatives and is very attractive. Perfect for instant fishing for all species

Sticky Baits Spod and Bag Mix's 2.5kg


The ultimate convenience created with the angler and carp's needs at the forefront of its formulation, our Spod and Bag Mixes combine ease of use and optimal nutrition in one seamless package.

Dynamite Baits XL Sweetcorn Can 340g


Specially selected natural juicy kernels for fishing

Dynamite Baits CompleX-T Pellets 4mm 900g


Ideal for adding to spod mixes, or used on their own as a mass carpet feed.

Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Carp Pellets Betaine Green 2mm 900g


Our premium range of pellets containing the best quality fish-meals available

Dynamite Baits The Source Frenzied Hempseed


New for 2023 from Dynamite Baits is the Source Frenzied Hemp.

Mainline Match Activated Halibut Pellets 1kg


Mainline Match High Leakage Halibut Pellets boast the very best in quality fishmeal and fish oils.

Mainline Response Pellets 5mm 1kg


Same great pellet now available in 1kg bags!

Fjuka Carpo Fluoro Drilled Boilie Pellet 50g


It picks out bigger fish, with a hole for hassle-free hooking.