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CC MOORE All Season PVA Bag Mix 1kg


All Season Bag Mix is a low oil, attraction packed PVA bag mix that instantly releases soluble, feed inducing triggers to all layers of your swim, in any water temperature.

Sticky Baits Spod and Bag Mix's 2.5kg


The ultimate convenience created with the angler and carp's needs at the forefront of its formulation, our Spod and Bag Mixes combine ease of use and optimal nutrition in one seamless package.

Proper Carp Baits Pellet 6mm 900g


New to the Proper Carp Baits range are these 6mm 900gm bags of flavoured pellet.

Dynamite Baits Big Fish Floating Feed Pellets 1.2kg


Floating flavoured expander pellets designed to get carp feeding off the top when carp fishing on the surface.

Dynamite Baits CompleX-T Pellets 4mm 900g


Ideal for adding to spod mixes, or used on their own as a mass carpet feed.

Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Carp Pellets Betaine Green 2mm 900g


Our premium range of pellets containing the best quality fish-meals available

Mainline Match Activated Halibut Pellets 1kg


Mainline Match High Leakage Halibut Pellets boast the very best in quality fishmeal and fish oils.

Mainline Response Pellets 5mm 1kg


Same great pellet now available in 1kg bags!

CC MOORE Floating Trout Pellets 11mm 1kg


These are buoyant, high quality trout pellets, which are ideal for surface fishing.

Sonubaits Cheesy Garlic Halibut Pellets


A strong pungent scented pellet, ideal for murky rivers where you need to pull in fish

Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Pellets 1.8kg


A mix of different size pellets to get carp, chub or barbel ripping through the bottom for hours

Crafty Catcher Black Halibut Pellet Grab Bags 1kg


Perfect for feeding or on the hair