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Overwraps & Groundsheets

Trakker Gazebo Groundsheet XL


Made from heavy-duty PE fabric, it helps keep inside your Gazebo clean and comfortable.

Trakker Gazebo Groundsheet Standard


Made from heavy-duty PE fabric, it helps keep inside your Gazebo clean and comfortable.

Trakker Tempest Brolly EV 100 Aquatexx Social Cap

£249.99 £149.99

The awesome addition to the Tempest range turns your 100 brolly into a large, spacious, 2 man bivvy. Made in Aquatexx to complement the 100 EV Brolly but will also fit the V2 100 Brolly. A cheaper way to convert you existing 100 brolly into a 2 man.

FOX Camo Bivvy Mat


Neoprene mat that can be used in your bivvy doorway

Trakker Tempest 100 Bivvy Skull Cap Wrap Aquatexx EV

£269.99 £149.99

Transform your Tempest Advanced 100 into a twin-skin shelter with the Skull Cap Wrap which works to reduce condensation and offers extra protection from the elements by creating a peak.

Trakker Armo V4 2 Man Overwrap


Transform the Armo V4 into a twin-skin, or even triple-skin when using the optional inner capsule, with the Armo V4 Wrap

Solar South Westerly Pro Uni Spider Groundsheet

£66.99 £56.99

The Uni Spider is, quite simply, the best bivvy we could build for you.

Solar Uni Spider Mozzi Mesh Front Door

£66.99 £59.99

A full, mozzie-mesh, front panel for the UNI Spider bivvies, featuring Solar’s Snap-Loc, magnetic door system.

Solar Undercover Compact Spider Camo Overwrap


This overwrap for the Camo Compact Spider makes your tent even more resistant to the extreme and cold weather conditions.

Trakker Tempest 100 Brolly Groundsheet


The Tempest Brolly V2 Groundsheet is specifically designed for use with the Tempest Brolly, with corresponding pegging rings to match that of the brolly, ensuring the best possible fit.

Trakker Tempest RS 200 Social Cap

£534.99 £479.99

Expand the capacity of your Tempest RS shelter with the addition of a Social Cap.

Trakker Tempest RS 200 Inner Capsule

£224.99 £199.99

The Tempest RS Inner Capsule creates a fully enclosed compartment with a stitched-in groundsheet.