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One More Cast Tweakers Dog Bone Ronnie Clip 0.4g

Do it better, do it smarter! The Tweakers range is all about evolving ideas to improve your performance.
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Manufacturer: One More Cast

Spinner Rig Fans…our innovative Dog Bone Sinkers have now evolved into a super handy clip system to allow interchanging of Ronnie/Spinner Rigs quicker. Simply attach to the OMC Kickback Hooklink or any Spinner Rig material & you add not only weight but also efficiency to your rigs allowing you to QUICKLY & securely attach the Rings of Swivels directly to the Dog Bone Ronnie Clip System.

Total weight with clip 0.4g

** The Dog Bone Sinker part allows you to add OMC Blend Putty to tailor the sink rate of your Hookbait! **