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One More Cast Sunny Skizzas

We’re proud to say these aren’t just another pair of scissors!
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Manufacturer: One More Cast

Where on earth did that name come from? We don’t do ordinary at OMC and every product has a narrative and love behind it! When OMC first started Ali Hamidi’s sister (nicknamed Sunny) asked “will you do scissors one day?” Ali replied…”I hope we can one day if we can produce a truly exceptional pair”…so up stepped the mercurial lover of detail Mike Hutchison our Product Development Manager who has spent nearly 2 years testing, various designs & blades across all of the likely fishing situations we face to ensure we have a pair of scissors that are not only super sharp, but also have the extra durable blade technology to give you maximum bang for your buck! 

  • 2 Cutting Edges on one pair of Blades
  • Normal Edge Blade for your fine Braids and Mono
  • Serrated Edge Blade for Coated Hooklinks and Casting Leaders. 
  • Super Sharp
  • Super Resilient 
  • Extra Durable Blade Technology

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