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Keeps you completely protected from the sun whilst having the ability of repelling water
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Manufacturer: One More Cast

Well this is it…”that hat” with super special powers which will help you catch the fish of your dreams! You think we’re joking right? We’re not…it really does! We’re not quite sure where in the development process the fish catching gods got involved, but not only does this hat keep you completely protected from the sun and repels rain…it also has this uncanny knack of bringing some of the most momentous memories you’re likely to ever experience when fishing! If you don’t believe us…just ask Ali Hamidi!

  • The One More Cast Fisherman’s hat is lightweight and durable in a classic bucket shape.
  • OMC Signature Splash Camo.
  • A detachable & packable neck panel for protection from harsh rays - Stored in a discreet zip pocket inside the hat
  • All weather Teflon coated WR finish
  • Repels water and water based stains
  • Dries quicker
  • Water repellent technology provides a layer of protection from the rain and snow while the quick-drying nature of the fabric keeps you comfortable as well.

Available in two sizes: 58cm & 60cm

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