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Nash Tackle Baseball Caps

A carpy baseball cap that will keep the sun out of your eyes with minimal branding.
Manufacturer: Nash

Velcro adjust classic Nash caps. One size fits all.

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Korda - Kamakura Krank Hooks


The Korda Kamakura hooks are so sharp there is no extra sharpening needed, therefor reducing the time spent perfecting your rigs. The Kamakura hooks are the outcome of years of development and research by Korda, they have produced the sharpest possible hook with consistency showing through the whole packet.

RidgeMonkey - Modular Bucket System XL 30ltr


Robust heavy duty bucket with two internal bait boxes that are suitable to be placed in the freezer and used for a multitude of things!

Sticky Baits - Bloodworm Pellets 2.5KG


Sticky Baits bloodworm kick started the bloodworm revolution many years ago and continues to be devastatingly effective. These pellets contain a two stage secret low oil coating that breaks away from the pellet sending attractor signals up through the water column, pulling the fish towards your baited area. The second layer leaks out a dense red cloud of bloodworm that sticks to the lake bed.