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Nash Scope Poncho

The simplest but possibly the most versatile of all the Scope items for the pioneering and mobile carper.
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Manufacturer: Nash

Generous dimensions ensure the Poncho not only covers your body when standing, but also allows you to protect yourself from unexpected rain when kneeling or crouched and not let any water through to your clothing. Perfect as a coverall when visiting off grid locations, with the Scope camouflage also keeping you blended in to stay undercover.

Press stud closures down the side of the Poncho allow it to be opened up carp tarp style to allow you peg down two eyelets and tie or suspend the twin metal eyelets at the leading edge to form a lightweight lean to and windbreak to shelter or sleep under.

Overhand knotting the hood and orientating the opened out Poncho correctly ensures water always runs off without any risk of it coming through the hood. It also doubles as a makeshift barrow, boat or kit cover in wet conditions, or even a sunscreen. Simple but indispensable.