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Nash Powerbanx Dome Lite

Variable brightness remote controlled Dome Lite for session comfort
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Manufacturer: Nash

Whether socialising in Gazebos, rig tying and rebaiting in bivvies or used to illuminate your swim.

  • Four illumination settings 1 x white, 2 x yellow, 1 x red
  • Memory function – Dome Lite turns on with the recalled setting from power off
  • Run time 4.5-9 hours (setting dependant)
  • Hanging hook and carabiner
  • USB-C charging (includes charging lead)
  • Water resistant IP 65
  • Guide recharge time 4 hours
  • Dimensions: 110mm (H) x

70mm (W)

On/Off lighting and mode

Run times: 4hr 30min – 9 hours (setting dependant)

Light setting Brightness.    Approx run time

White.              100%             4hr 30mins

Yellow Low.     50%.              9 hours

Yellow High     100%.            4hr 30mins

Red.                  100%.            6 hours