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Nash Imitation Floating Dog Biscuits

Durable 13mm plastic floating hookbaits that can be hair rigged, direct hooked or mounted with Zig Screws
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Manufacturer: Nash

Two colours offer options to accurately match both dog biscuit and floating pellet free offerings.

The perfect hookbait when feeding the deadly Slicker Floater and Riser Pellet combination, ensuring you always have effective presentation when carp are feeding at their hardest. No more worrying about hookbaits softening, sinking or falling off at a critical time and having to get drills or superglue out.

Nash Plastic Dog Biscuits also absorb liquids well, from naturals such as Wormcell to Scopex No.1, or Citruz Concentrate. To add a visual marker to your hookbait, a squirt of Plume Juice will help identify it amongst free offerings and add a smell and taste focus point for a feeding carp.

Single Plastic Dog Biscuits match perfectly with size 10 and 12 Flota Claw hooks on the surface, or use double baits for larger sizes and more demanding swims.

Contents: 6 per packet

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