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Nash Dumpy Gripper Swivel Leads

New, unique dumpy lead with grips on each side, perfect for fishing on slopes or rivers....
Manufacturer: Nash

A unique hybrid weight forward design with the addition of gripper prongs to prevent rolling or being dislodged. Size for size the Dumpy Gripper adds significant extra pressure on the hook point whether over hard bottoms or plugged into silt or silkweed, with the large circular nose maximising the sensation when feeling the lead down over different lake beds. Finished with the unique Nash recess in the nose that traps detritus, silt or clay to help determine the nature of the lake bed you are fishing over.

  • Finished in a unique disrupted black/green camouflage for end tackle concealment
  • Non reflective soft touch paint finish
  • Enlarged eyes on swivel leads for easier location on Lead Clips and superior running rig performance
  • Metric and Imperial weights impressed in the body for easy identification