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Nash Citruz Spod Syrup

The deadly attractor combination of the Citruz now in liquid form giving you a high leakage hub of bait to draw any passing carp to feed
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Manufacturer: Nash

Combining the same powdered and liquid attractors as in the deadly Citruz® boilies and pop ups but in a highly soluble, super sweet PVA friendly liquid that instantly boosts the taste and attraction in your swim.

Use to surface coat Citruz Pellets, Boilies and Flake, or damp down stick mixes for optimum stimulation in cold water with minimum feed. Citruz Syrup contains low level fizzing properties the same as in Cultured Fizzing Stick Mix for additional sound stimulation. Brilliant when combined with Spod Cloud sloppy groundbait over zigs for a pink coloured fruit explosion in the upper layers.