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Preston Innovations Stopz Pellet Waggler Kits


A complete kit to make pellet waggler fishing extremely easy.

Korum Starlight Holder Kit


Offers visual bite detection at night on your rod tip

Korum Speci Heli Kits


The Speci Heli Kit provides a safe, adjustable rig for Helicopter setups, paternosters, and link ledgering.

Matrix Super Soft Bait Bands


Designed from a softer material so bait can be inserted easier

Matrix Rubber Quick Bead


Size 6mm with 5 beads in a pack. They are designed to allow you to quickly and easily change your hooklength.

Preston Innovations Offbox Triple Clicker Counter


A must have item of tackle for any match angler to keep track of either the number of fish or their overall weight. This is essential especially on venues where net limits are enforced.

Preston Innovations Floater Pellet Bander


The Floater Pellet Bander is a handy tool that makes banding pellets, Band'ums and other round baits much easier.

Frenzee FXT Latex Bait Bands *PAY FOR 4 AND GET A 5TH FREE*


FXT Latex Bait Bands are durable with ample stretch to band different types of hookbait. Available in small, medium and large in packs of 100 (approx).

Frenzee FXT Micro Lead Clip Kit *PAY FOR 4 AND GET A 5TH FREE*


The FXT Micro Lead Clip Kit is a mini lead clip kit for bomb and feeder fishing

Frenzee FXT Bait Pins 8mm *PAY FOR 4 AND GET A 5TH FREE*


FXT Bait Pins are designed to quick-change small hookbaits

Guru Pole Tape


The Pole Tape is used in pole fishing to make sure you are always fishing effectively and accurately. Used to wrap around pole sections when fishing to a particular spot to ensure you are always fishing in the same place.

Preston Innovations Interlok Winder Trays


Interlok Winder Trays are fully customizable to allow you to create the perfect winder tray for an Absolute or Inception Seatbox.