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Mepps Blue Fox Vibrax Kit

Blue Fox Vibrax spinners may just be the most famous spinners on the market.
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Manufacturer: Mepps

Pike, perch, zander, trout: very few predators can resist this classic lure. With the Blue Fox Kit Vibrax you will receive 3 spinners and there are 5 different kits available. The brass blade features different patterns and colours and rotates very smoothly while eliminating line twist. Just a bit of sunlight is enough to create lots of flash underwater which is a real trigger for lots of predators.

- 3 spinners per kit
- 2 sets for trout fishing
- Size 1 – 3
- Brass blade
- UV bright finish
- Stainless steel shaft
VMS treble hook
- Sonic vibrations activate predators
- Few predators can resist this classic lure!