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MCF Marker Link


A useful boom for those that like to do it the old school way and get the marker float out.

MCF Dumper Lead Clips MK2


Designed perfectly to dump lead on takes meaning there is no risk to the fish's welfare.

MCF Tackle - Marker Link


Ideally complimenting our Marker Floats, the Feature Finding Set-Up is designed not just to prevent tangles on the cast, but enable your float to rise in weedy/choddy situations. One end has a ceramic ring with a brass case & the other end has a safety link to easily attach a lead.

MCF Tackle - Slipper Clips Green (5)


MCF's new and unique Slipper System is an ‘out and out’ semi fixed lead set-up. Its the complete opposite to our Dumper Lead Clips in that you will not lose your lead on the initial take nor during the fight with a fish. However, in the event of snapping your mainline the lead will simply slide off your tubing, leadcore, or leader making it 100% safe.

MCF Tackle - Dumper Lead Clip System Brown 5


Streamline, easy to assemble and 100% totally safe as voted by a recent independent test by CARPology Magazine!