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Matrix Digital Clicker Counter


Designed as an all-in-one stopwatch and weight/fish clicker.

Matrix Inline Pellet Bombs


Ideal for fishing at short distance when pinging pellets

Matrix Super Short Dacron Connectors


Super short length to hit more bites

Matrix Braid Blades


Designed for clean cutting of Braid or Monofilament line

Matrix Side Baiting Needle


Ideal when hair rigging soft or hard baits

Matrix Super Stop Needle


Perfect in conjunction with Matrix Super Stops

Matrix Boilie Pins


Secure & efficient baiting

Matrix Roost


Hex shaped EVA foam designed to prevent kits from lifting out

Matrix Horizon X Sinking Mono 300m


Ultra-fast sinking monofilament

Matrix Shallow Draw Winder Tray 180mm - Lime


Robust moulded tray designed to fit straight into Matrix shallow drawer

Matrix SLIK Catapult Spare Elastics


Spare elastic for SLIK catapults (one set per pack)

Matrix Power Micron X


Can be used as main line or hook length material for both pole and feeder fishing