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Mainline Match

Mainline Match Pro Active Groundbait 2kg


This pro active ground bait boasts a whole host of ingredients to attract even the most wary of fish.

Mainline Match Sweet Marine Groundbait 2kg


This fishmeal ground bait has a sweet kick to it which is a great attractor for all types of fish.

Mainline Match 100% Pure Expander Pellet Mix Groundbait 1kg


This ground bait is made from 100% pure expander pellets making it soft and fluffy when mixed.

Mainline Match Margin Mix Groundbait 1kg


This heavy mix ground bait is designed for margin fishing due to the bulk particles packed into it.

Mainline Match Method Mix Groundbait Fine 1kg


Loads of attraction packed into this fine ground bait.

Mainline Match Activated Carp Cell Pellets 1kg


Lovely carp pellets with Cell flavour. A perfect pellet for Carp or Match fishing. Different sizes availiable.

Mainline Match Activated Carp Coarse Pellet 1kg


Decent quality pellets that are packed for of protein and attractors to entice they fish into the swim. Available in different sizes.

Mainline Match Carp & Coarse Sticky Syrups 250ml


Designed to boost your hookbaits or groundbaits & pellets to attract fish in your swim, quicker.