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Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit 32pcs


Practice the skills you’ve learnt from our Perch Academy YouTube videos with this awesome kit for perch fishing, featuring a mix of effective lures, colours, and jig heads.

Mepps Comet Red Dot


The ideal lure for both small or large predatory fish and of course game fish

Mepps Aglia Gold


Its blade hugs the body of the spinner during the retrieve

Mepps Aglia Copper


Its blade hugs the body of the spinner during the retrieve

Westin ShadTeez Hollow


We have combined the shape of the legendary ShadTeez and ShadTeez Slim to create the ShadTeez Hollow.

Westin KickTeez Shadtail 15cm 10g


Kick-start your predator fishing with the Westin KickTeez Shadtail – a super effective soft lure that is so easy to rig, it almost makes fishing too easy.

Westin Original Perch


Life-like lures in all shapes and sizes have been popular for decades, yet few have ever come close to those handmade by Tomy's Bait.

Westin Twinteez V2 V-Tail 6.5cm 1g


Version II of the legendary TwinTeez is packed with new features to improve your odds.

Westin Ned Worm 7cm 3g 7pcs


The Westin Ned Worm will conjure up fish on even the slowest days, bringing success when all else fails.

Fox Rage Ready Rig Dropshot Kits


Tie them on to the end of your main line and away you go, it’s that easy. The three new Rage Ready Rigs cover a Drop Shot rig and two Texas rigs, one using Rage Slick Shads, the other boasting a new Rage creature lure. Each kit offers three rigs with a range of lure colours to cover multiple situations.

Fox Rage Ultra UV Micro Tiddler Fast Mixed Colours Lure Pack 5cm 3g


New Loaded mixed pack of Tiddler Fast colours

Fox Rage UltrA UV Micro Grub Mixed Colour Lure Pack 4cm 3g


New Loaded mixed pack of Micro Grub Tail colours