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Savage Gear Shine Glider Lures 3 Packs

£44.99 £19.99

The wicked shine gliders from savage gear are now up for grabs at a steal! Three lures in total and the pattern/colour will be selected at random.

Korum Snapper Floatex Squirmz


The most popular spare bodies that we have ever sold, these will not last long so get yours while you can!

Korum Snapper Floatex Reggiez


Spare Reggiez bodies that can be used on stand up Jig heads which is a killer method for catching perch!

Korum Floatex Squirlyz


Spare Squirlyz bodies with plenty of different patterns to use.

Korum Snapper Gonks


Spare bodies that can be added to the Korum Squirm Heads or Micro Heads.

Korum Snapper Buoyant Squirlyz 8cm


A brand new stable in the Buoyant jelly range from Korum Snapper, if the Squirmz and Reggiez are anything to go by these wont hang around for long at all!

Korum Snapper Buoyant Reggiez 7.5cm


From the second wave of the buoyant lure range from Korum Snapper the every popular Reggiez are back and selling fast!!

Korum Snapper Buoyant Squirmz


Possibly the most popular jelly lures we have ever sold! These are a must have in any lure anglers box.

Z Man Original Chatterbait


Flash of a spinnerbait, vibration of a crankbait, and profile of a jig

Finesse Shadz 4" 8pk


Ideal for dropshotting the Finesse Shadz are proven winners when bites are hard to come by

Z Man Streaks 3.75"6pk


The split tailed design of the Streakz gives them an uncanny appearance of a wounded minnow, a safe bet for tempting large perch

TRD Ticklerz 2.5" 8pk


The Ticklerz tentacled construction makes it one of the most devastating soft baits ever made!!