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Guru Adjustable Rig Cases


Designed for anglers who take their fishing and prep seriously

Guru Boxsafe


The perfect storage solution for your feeder boxes, rig cases and rig boxes

Korum Supa Light Carry Strap


This lightweight, padded shoulder strap is a fantastic multi-purpose luggage device.

Korum Supa Lite Rod Saver


This elasticated tip and butt protector can also be transformed into a skeleton rod sling, making it perfect for use with other rod holdalls, or as a carrying device.

Drennan Maggi Boxes Aqua


Essential for keeping your maggots fresh

Preston Innovations Competition 4 Rod Holdall


Suitable for storing four rods, up to 12ft (2pc) in length.

Preston Innovations Hardcase Supera Small Rod Holdall


This is the perfect storage solution for expensive poles, rods, top kits, handles, brollies, you name it you can store it in this holdall.

Preston Innovations Supera EVA System


A unique bait or tackle storage system

Preston Innovations Supera XS Accessory Cases


Great for storing away small accessories

Preston Innovations Supera Pellet Wetter


Effective with any size of pellet, creating the perfect feed pellets

Preston Innovations Hardcase Accessory Boxes


Ideal for keeping fragile items such as floats and disgorgers

Preston Revaluation Storage Box


The best way to store multiple long hooklinks