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LiquiRigs Dragonfly Full Zig System

Unleash the Power of the DragonFly: Customise… Catch… Conquer!
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Manufacturer: LiquiRigs

Born from the unparalleled success of our Liquid Zig System, the DragonFly is the epitome of hookbait attraction, utilising soluble liquid and paste attractors to lure in the most elusive catches.

Effortlessly sliding over your hook, the DragonFly Aligner Cap boasts a large aligner tail, elevating hooking potential, whilst also ensuring the well-being of your catch by reducing mouth damage.

Customise your approach by adjusting the EVA foam within the Aligner Cap, seamlessly transitioning between a zig or a bottom bait/pop-up presentation.

Cast into endless possibilities by infusing pastes into the Aligner Cap, and for an extra surge of attraction, harness the power of the liquid booster cylinders. Use the liquid baffles in the cylinders to ensure a controlled and steady release of
ultimate liquid attraction.