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LiquiRigs Bait-Cap Easy Hookbait System Small Dumbell (10mm X 15mm)

The Bait-Cap easy hookbait system – A new simple to use hookbait concept
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Manufacturer: LiquiRigs

Our journey developing the ‘Ultimate Rigs’ has taken us in many directions and these little beauties we actually stumbled across whilst making some of the first prototypes for our ultimate liquid bottom bait range.

Our hookbait range is all about giving you the anglers the ULTIMATE deliverance of attractors from the one thing that’s going to get you a bite… YOUR HOOKBAIT! The LiquirigS Bait-Caps does this by releasing masses of attraction whilst also ironing out a few problems associated with some popular methods.

If you’ve ever fished with our ‘Ultimate Zigs’, you’ll know that the push-in ‘CAP’ design is so much easier to use than the normal ‘Band’ type zigs available from other manufacturers, which usually require some form of fiddly loading tools to mount foam into a band.

Well, the eureka moment struck when we were stood around the testing tank, and a ‘chum mixer’ got pushed into a clear prototype Cap… WOW, everything suddenly made sense.

The amount of time we’ve spent using:-

Bait bands (Rubbish, Snaping, fiddly even with tools)

Soaking and side hooking (Mixers are not like they used to be, end up sinking after a few minutes)

Hair rigging (Fiddly… Just dropped my bait stop, mixers are not like they used to be so sink pretty quickly due to the weight of the hook).

Even resorting to trimming a pop-up down to minute pieces due to the extreme buoyancy in them, these may work from time to time, but take it from us, a ‘match the hatch’ mixer or pellet WILL GET YOU MORE BITES on the surface.

With a side-hooked Cap, mixer inserted, and bobbing away in the tank … We couldn’t believe what we were looking at, it just looked so natural, and from that moment, we knew we’d created a product that was going to catch a huge number of fish.

It didn’t stop with mixers either, before long we had all manners of baits pushed into the Caps. Pellets… Pastes… Cheese… Meats… all in the same cap! Could it be that simple?

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference and with the Bait-Cap mounted on a rig, it’s now simply a case of pushing your bait into the Cap and casting out.

The soft malleable Cap securely grips around your baits holding them in place, but it also has buoyancy and when empty will slowly sink under the weight of a hook. Negating away some of the weight of the hook means your floater hookbaits stay up longer, and bottom baits act more naturally tricking up the wiser, specimen fish.

Get a massive attractive edge over the other anglers and let your mind run wild with the bait options this neat little product allows you to present, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination…

Soft pastes
Soft Meats
Pellets without the need to pre-drill
Cocktail Baits


The Cap concept is just so simple ‘Ultimately’ making them a joy to use whilst speeding up the process of getting your rod re-baited and back in the water fishing! You’ll never use a bait band again, either mount the cap on a hair rig, the caps come premounted on wire loops meaning tying your own rigs has never been simpler! or just side-hook the Cap.