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Dynamite Baits Big Fish Peppered Squid Liquid Attractant 500ml


Dynamite Baits’ Peppered Squid Boilies are quality boilies designed for carp fishing

Dynamite Baits XL Liquids 250ml


A flavour for every angler in our XL Liquid range. Perfect for glugging on hookbaits or adding to groundbait mixes. All PVA friendly.

Dynamite Baits Fish Gutz Feeding Trigger 50ml


Originally launched at the start of the millenium, Fish Gutz quickly established itself as one of the most potent and effective feeding triggers on the market.

Sonubaits Clear Pellet Oils


High quality liquid flavours perfect for enhancing your feed and hookbaits including groundbait, pellets and hookbaits such as expanders and Band’Ums.

Dynamite Baits Evolution Oils 300ml


Winterised for use in all conditions and temperatures

Dynamite Baits Premium Squid Liquid Carp Food 1ltr


Squid is a classic carp flavour and compliments a huge variety of fishmeal baits

Mainline Match Big River Barbel Liquid 500ml


This thick, oily liquid is a condensed, feed inducing attractant containing the same flavour ingredients used within the Big River Barbel Mix

Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Bait Soak 500ml


Add this liquid soak to your groundbait mixes, to flavour and dampen pellets or boost your hookbaits and PVA…

Fjuka Sensate Bait Dye 95ml


Now you can change your bait colour in seconds, while Sensate Fish Accelerant gets fish feeding fast.

Dynamite Baits Premium Robin Red Liquid 1ltr


Robin Red needs no introduction so adding it to our Premium CSL made total sense – it’s based on the nutritional profile of our quality CSL with original Robin Red added.

Dynamite Baits Shrimp Evolution Extract Liquid 500ml


Liquids can make all the difference when trying to fool wary fish like big carp and barbel.

Dynamite Baits Premium Belachan Liquid 1ltr


A highly pungent liquid flavouring, ideal for flavouring spod mixes, injecting in PVA bags and coating hookbaits.