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Line & Hooklinks

Avid Outline Mono Reel Line 20lb 0.40mm 1000m


This incredible Reel line breaks up it’s own outline underwater, making it harder for Carp to detect than standard single colour monofilaments.

Solar South Westerly Pro Bulletproof Mono 1000m


Bulletproof is a monofilament developed to be the most reliable there is.

FOX Hair Braid


Super fine and supple hair braid for tying hairs, ideal for use with hair widgets or for fixing to the hook shank.

Trakker Spod & Marker Braid


High performance buoyant spod and marker braid

FOX Edges Naturals Submerge Braided Mainline


Sinking braided mainline in “Naturals” Green

Solar SP Spod & Marker Braid 250m


Solar Spod & Marker Braid comes in 2 sizes; 20lb super-low diameter for use with a shock leader where anglers want to hit extreme ranges and a 30lb version for hassle-free, direct attachment of baiting and feature-finding devices (no leaders necessary).

Solar South Westerly Uni Mono


Bulletproof is a monofilament developed to be the most reliable there is.

Solar South Westerly Uni Mono (Bulk Spool) 1000m


A reduced diameter, super-high-strength monofilament with a supple feel that doesn’t cost the earth.

Solar SP Mile High Mono 1250m


The material used in the construction of SP C-Tech Mile High mono is unbelievably strong and offers the highest in diameter to breaking strain ratios with exceptional toughness and durability.

Sonik Spod/Marker Braid 0.18mm 300m


Low diameter and super-supple for great casting performance

Sonik Subsonik Invisicam 1200m


High contrast camo pattern disrupts outline for maximum invisibility

Gardner Tackle Tiger Line 600m


The Legend that is Tiger Line, developed by Big Carp/John Llewellyn, a true 100% fluorocarbon line that is virtually invisible in water, is now available from Gardner.