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Leeda Rogue Needle Set


Perfect for beginners to get themselves kitted out with all the necessary terminal items

Leeda Rouge Walled Mat


A fantastic mat for no budget busting price tag

Leeda 55lb Dial Scales


The simple and easy to use Leeda Dial Scales give an accurate measure of every catch.

Leeda 45" Umbrella


The nylon material of the umbrella makes it incredibly lightweight and it is great base material for water resistance. The PU coating ensures the brolly is completely waterproof.

Leeda Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod


Designed for use with up to three rods, this 3-in-1 rod pod comes with front and rear buzz bars, and is supplied in a heavy duty storage bag, ready to head out for any situation, wherever you’re fishing, and whatever you’re targeting.

Leeda Rouge Pack Pod


Quick and lightweight fantastic bit of kit for the versatile angler that fishes a variety of venues.

Leeda Specimen Bivvy Table.


Handy little bivvy table for quick overnight sessions or long stints in abroad, keeps the bivvy organised and essentials to hand.