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Leads & Method Feeders

You do not need to go heavy, there are no long chucks. Lead choice is very simple, In-Line flat pear 2oz - 3.5oz... sorted.

We would strongly recommend backleads. This helps your line to be pinned to the lake bed which, not only does this conceal your line so you do not spook the fish but it also helps to keep your line out of the way when your neighbour hooks a big fish meaning you can carry on fishing.

Korum Camo Method Feeder Twin Pack


These new interchangeable Method feeders take tackle concealment to a whole new level.

Korda - Flat Pear Inline Leads


There's a popular misconception that flat leads sit on silt. This does not happen, any lead finds the easiest path through the water so instead of fluttering down to the lake bed, a nose-heavy flat lead like this will plummet down side on and nose first, making it less effective in the silt than say a Swivel Pear lead.

Korda - Intelligent Back Leads


The backleads can be set to stay on the main line without dropping off or they can be set so that the backlead breaks apart when snagged in weed. The super-slick plastic attachment ensures that the backlead will glide easily down the line, dramatically decreasing the chance of movement at the rig end. Backleads are most effective over even, flat bottoms and are an excellent way of preventing a hooked fish from picking up your other lines.

Korda - Safe Zone Flying Back Leads


Korda 'safe zone' flying back leads are totally versatile. You can now change the weight of the back lead which determines how far it will fly back, the lighter the weight the more it flies back. You can also remove the entire back lead without the need to cut it or remove the business end of the rig. It has a hard plastic inner part it just pushed onto the mainline above the lead system and then apply the lead onto the mainline and push down onto the disc like parachute end of the inner plastic and it is as simple as that. Cast away.

Korda Bait Up Method Feeder


The classic original Korda Method feeder has now been updated with some modern twists in the form of the Bait Up Feeder range. It retains many of the features that made the original so good, including the weighted fin that ensures that it always lands the right way up and the hookbait will always fall away from the feeder, increasing your chances of a quick bite.