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Lead Clips & Tail Rubbers

Ridgemonkey Connexion Uni Lead Clip


The only lead clip you will need, tested in some of the most demanding situations

Korda Mini Heli-Safe


The best lead ejection system just got better! thanks to a clever tweak they are now more compact and less visible

Korda Heli-Safe Tubing Kit


Beat the leader ban with the Korda Heli-Safe Tubing Kit, allowing you to fish a helicopter rig running on a length of Dark Matter Tubing

Nash Lead Clip Pack


All the components you need to construct five lead clip set ups plus two meters of heavy anti tangle tubing

FOX Edges Drop Off Inline Lead Kit Camo


A complete kit giving you everything you need to correctly set up the "drop off inline setup" essential for fishing solid bags on weedy venues where dropping the lead is the difference between landing the fish or not

FOX Edges Safety Lead Clip Kit Camo


Everything you need for creating a lead clip set up, allowing you to dump the lead quickly and efficiently

FOX Edges Angled Run Ring Kit Camo


Create the perfect run rig set up allowing the the lead to hang straight therefore eliminating tangles

FOX Edges Tadpole Multi Bead


The Multi Bead has been designed to create a semi fixed running lead set up with either an inline or swivel style lead

FOX Edges Zig Lead Clip Kit


Specifically designed for zig fishing, featuring the Slik style lead clip to eject the lead instantly helping you capitalize on a better hook to land ratio

Fox Edges Camo Naked Line Tail Rubbers


Extremely covert tail rubbers which are almost invisible in water, with a slimmer tail section these are ideal for gripping onto the mainline without the need of tubing or leaders

Thinking Anglers C Clips


For fans of dropping the lead without having to use big, clunky lead ejector systems the C Clips are perfect, in both 3lb or 6lb.

Nash Tungsten Lead Clip Tail Rubber


Super heavy tail rubber to keep everything pinned down.