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Lead Clips & Tail Rubbers

FOX Edges Naturals Kwik Change Lead Clip Tubing Setup


Fitted with a Naturals Lead Clip and a size 7 Kwik Change Swivel

Nash Speed Lead Clip Tail Rubber


Variable grip tail rubbers to regulate lead ejection from Nash Speed Lead Clips.

Nash Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clip


Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clips eject the weight more readily thanks to a smooth rear

Nash Ezi Drop Lead Clip


The Ezi Drop Lead Clip features a smooth rear stem allowing the lead to discharge more easily - perfect for weedy or snaggy situations.

Nash Lead Clip Silt


Updated for even greater carp safety, Nash Lead Clips feature a click fit body plus a secondary locking pin that ensures the clip remains attached to the swivel at all times for reliable lead ejection if required to land hooked carp more safely.

Nash lead Clip Tail Rubbers Silt


Variable grip tail rubbers to regulate lead ejection from Nash Lead Clips.

Nash Run Clip Lead Band


Replacement variable grip bands to regulate lead ejection when used with Nash Run Clips.

FOX Edges Naturals Zig Lead Clip Kit


Specifically designed for Zig Rig fishing

FOX Edges Power Grip Naked Line Tail Rubbers


Designed for anglers that like to ensure the lead stays on, unless the fish becomes snagged

FOX Edges Naturals Power Grip Lead Clip Kits


Handy kit that includes everything needed for creating a lead clip setup

FOX Edges Naturals Naked Tail Rubbers Size 10


Fine taper at rear of tail rubber for use with fluorocarbon leaders or fishing main line straight through

FOX Edges Naturals Slik Lead Clip & Pegs Size 10


Scaled down version of our Lead Clip for a subtle presentation