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Landing Nets & Unhooking Mats

Wychwood Agitator Catfish Sling


A true monster of a weigh sling at 6ft 6” long

Wychwood Agitator Catfish Mat


a true monster of an unhooking mat

Catfish Pro Unhooking Mats


Great original design low profile catfish unhooking mats, now made with special high density foam to make mats less bulky yet retaining the cushioning required

Gardner Compact Asylum Unhooking Mat



Carp Spirit Ultra Protection Mat


Ideal for the angler who is fastidious about offering fish the best care

Carp Spirit BLAX Sling Mat


Compact unhooking mat perfect for the roving angler, with the added advantage of doubling up as a weigh sling

Prologic Inspire Unhooking Mat

£64.99 £49.99

High density, padded unhooking mat offering your prize what they deserve, the upmost protection

Catfish Pro 54kg/120lb Dial Scales


Monster fish demand monster tackle and the new Catfish Pro 120lb Scales are just the ticket for them monster moggies!!!!!

Gardner Specialist Extending Net Handle XL


Useful in a vast array of situations whether its netting fish on zig rigs, needing extra length netting fish from steep riverbanks or waters with dense bankside vegetation the XL Specialist Net Handle really is a life saver.

Catfish Pro Kevlar Grip Glove


Same your hands from getting cut by protecting them with these gloves.

Catfish Pro Big Catfish 60" Landing Net & Handle


A huge landing net, specifically designed with big Catfish in mind. Made in carbon, making it lightweight and strong.

Gardner - Specialist Barbel Pan Net


A dedicated big fish and specimen river pan landing net, designed to be both practical and strong.