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Landing Nets

Korum Snapper Fast Net 22' with Handle


A complete, compact, lightweight landing net for the mobile predator angler

Korum Snapper Fast Net Head 22'


Featuring a spring locking mechanism the Fast Net allows you to travel incredibly light and react to landing fish in seconds

Gardner Specialist Extending Net Handle XL


Useful in a vast array of situations whether its netting fish on zig rigs, needing extra length netting fish from steep riverbanks or waters with dense bankside vegetation the XL Specialist Net Handle really is a life saver.

Korum Quick Release Net Adaptor


If you are anything like us and have one too many nets that you 'might need one day' but like to change the heads about for the type of fishing you do then the quick release net adaptor is whats missing in your life.

Korum Snapper Cult Telescopic Net Handles 1.5m & 2.5m.


Looking for a telescopic net handle? nothings out of reach