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Lamps & Bivvy Lights

Prologic C-Series Bivvy Light 150 Lumen


Make sure you never miss a bite in the night with this wireless bivvy light that connects seamlessly with the Prologic C-Series alarm system

Prologic Guardian Magnetic Rechargeable Bivvy Light


Small, compact, remote controlled bivvy light.

Nash Powerbanx Dome Lite


Variable brightness remote controlled Dome Lite for session comfort

Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR


The RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR: the ultimate guiding light in the dark. With variable brightness to suit your needs, the option to switch between three colours at the push of a button and up to 180 hours of illumination from a single charge via a standard 5V USB port.

Ridgemonkey Vault Lite IR180


The Vault Lite IR180: RidgeMonkey’s most powerful & versatile portable light source so far, combining torchlight, floodlight and powerbank functions in a single compact IP67 water-resistant housing.

Wolf Powertech VOLTAIR Portable Fan & Powerbank


3 in 1 – Fan, Light and Powerbank

Wolf Mozzi-Zappa Tech Case Camo Green


The Wolf Mozzi-Zappa Tech Case has been designed to keep your Mozzi-Zappa in perfect condition when not in use.

Wolf Mozzi-Zappa Camo Green


The Battery Mosquito zappa Lamp is truly one of a kind and we believe has been a much needed resource for every angler.

Nash Bivvy Fan


Cools air for bivvy comfort

Trakker Remote Bivvy Fan


Make fishing in hot conditions more bearable with this innovative carp fishing bivvy fan.

Ridgemonkey Multi Lite Plus


As the name suggest the Multi Lite really does have a multitude of uses

Ridgemonkey Vault USB-A to Multi Out Cable


Cut down your tech on the bank with the RM Vault USB-A Multi Cable featuring USB-C, Micro USB and Lighting Outputs