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Kryston Magma Hooklink 45lb (Silt)

Carp fishing is never the same; when we visit new places there are venues that can be brutal on our normal choice of tackle.
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Manufacturer: Kryston

Rocks, boulders, razor mussels, abrasive weed and more all take their toll. Its times like this we have to up the ante. New Magma armour coated super braid. Especially developed for fishing over rough terrain and extreme snag ridden swims. Super abrasion resistant Spectra is blended with similar bullet proof fibre and tightly woven into a super strength line. Following braiding it’s then encapsulated with an ultra tough armour plated coating to resist abrasion. Rigorously tested on volcanic lakes in Italy where harsh abrasive balsamic rocks and boulders litter the bottom this exceptional new super coated braid proved itself to be an outstanding success. Highly recommended for waters where normal braided lines cannot cope and for waters that demand nothing but the best. MAGMA….Tough stuff!