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Korum Snapper Gonks

Spare bodies that can be added to the Korum Squirm Heads or Micro Heads.
Manufacturer: Korum Snapper

The Snapper Floatex Gonks are tiny fish imitations in a variety of colour options and 6, or 9cm sizes. Manufactured from Korum's own Floatex material, they have a small paddle tail that creates a flicking swimming action on the retrieve. If allowed to completely sink and reach the bottom they will naturally rise due to their buoyancy. Perfect for being bumped and worked back ned rig style for species like perch and chub. Ideal for pairing up with one of their squirmz jig heads for a perfect presentation.


  • Durable Floatex material
  • Buoyant
  • Small paddle tail
  • 6cm size – 6 per pack
  • 9cm size – 4 per pack