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Korda Compac Low Chair Dark Kamo


The Compac Low Chair in dark kamo features a lightweight frame and concertina design.

Korda Compac Brolly Wrap


For those overnight and mobile anglers streamlining their kit is of paramount importance. Whether you need to pack down quickly on your way to work, or you’re moving onto to fish, the quicker and easier you can pack down your gear the better.

Korda Compac Bivvy Wrap


The Korda Compac Bivvy Wrap Dark Kamo is for those overnight and mobile anglers streamlining their kit with a paramount of importance.

Korda Tote Bag Kamo


Our versatile Tote Bag is designed to keep your belongings safe, organised, and easily accessible. Whether you're dropping in on the lake for a quick recce, stashing spare gear in your vehicle or taking extra items for a longer session, this bag would be perfect.

Korda Kaizen Green Rods


Following on from the hugely successful launch of our first rods under the Kaizen banner, we’ve followed that up with a more affordable, yet still high performance, range called Kaizen Green.

Korda Zip Hoodie Dark Kamo


This zipped hoodie is designed to be both functional and stylish. It is made from a ribbed fleece material, which makes it warm enough to be worn as a top layer during the warmer months, or in conjunction with other layers during the winter.

Korda Compac Weigh Staff


The Compac Weigh Staff has been constructed from high-grade anodised aluminium, creating a durable and reliable bit of kit that will withstand the rigors of life on the bank.

Korda Basix Carp Cradle XL


The Basix Carp Cradle XL is the bigger brother of the extremely popular standard version. We’ve changed the dimensions, added a couple of new features but essentially, it’s the same top-quality product, at a very competitive price.

Korda Longshank Beaked Hooks


The original Korda Longshank X was based on the popular, original fly hook patterns, which found favour with carp anglers due to their shape and hooking ability – we made them much stronger and sharper.

Korda Compac Messenger Bag Dark Camo


The Korda Compac Messenger Bag Dark Kamo is designed to carry a laptop or tablet plus accessories to the bank with you.

Korda Thermakore Pillow


The Korda Thermakore Pillow has been designed to give the angler the choice of a warm fleece side for colder conditions and a cool cotton side for those sultry summer nights.

Korda Compac Cool Bag XL Dark Camo


The range of Dark Kamo Compac Cool Bags has been designed to keep your bait and food as fresh as possible, with a suitable model to cater for all your needs.